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"I have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the State, with particular reference to the founding of them on geographical discriminations. Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally. "
--George Washington's Farewell Address


Media Outreach

Tired of not being able to vote in the primaries? WE ARE! Help us get the word out to the media that Independents are a force in Pennsylvania--almost one million strong (and that's registered independents!) who are denied our right to vote. This is especially problematic since the primaries are funded with taxpayer dollars.

 The two major parties say that it is their primary--if that is the case they should not use taxpayer dollars. This is tantamount to taxation without representation.

We are challenging independents to write editorials to the media and ask why independents are deprived of this right. We've provided a list of media to help you out. Once you find out the website address/email for editorial contacts, please forward it/them to us and we'll include them on the listing.
It's time we showed them our strength!

Below you'll find points to address in  your letter. Choose the ones or create new ones that reflect your opinions/values:


  • People DON'T join a party for a reason. They want to be independent and vote for the best candidate.
  • Everyone's talking about the impact independent voters had in the 2008 presidential election.
  • Should elections be organized around the needs of the political parties or the needs of the voters?
  • Over 1 million voters in Pennsylvania cannot vote in the primaries.
  • In 18 states, like Pennsylvania, independents can't vote in the primaries or caucuses.
  • With polls showing independents making up 40% of the electorate, closed primaries disenfranchise a significant number of the American people.
  • Currently, the law allows the Democrats and Republicans to determine whether independents can vote in primaries. But shouldn't our rights as voters trump the rights of the political parties?
  • Shouldn't all of us, whether we are Democrats, Republicans or independents, have a fundamental right to participate in every stage of our election process?
  • Who pays the costs associated with holding primaries and caucuses of these quasi-governmental entities, the Democrats and Republicans? In the vast majority of states, it's the taxpayers.
  • Independent voters in closed primary states like Pennsylvania don't enjoy the rights of full citizenship and are excluded from what is often the most critical part of the electoral process.
  • In these states, where one party often dominates, the primary election is the only one that matters.
  • The general election is a rubber stamp of the primary's results, and then, the votes of independent voters are irrelevant.
  • Voter interest and participation increase when independent voters are permitted to participate in the primaries.
  • It forces the candidates to be less partisan, and to address problems that affect all Americans, so they appeal to all voters.
  • Our primaries are not open to independents.
  • Independents are getting together as part of a growing network in our state and in the country (see www.paindependents.org) to loudly demand that democracy and the voters come before party interests.
  • The parties should open their primaries!


Write to your editors!


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Here's what else you can do:
  • Call Publications and news stations asking them to run stories in the media about the power of independents (send them to this website)
  • Contact anyone you know who is affiliated with the media and direct them to this website or others to start writing about independents and include us in the discussion/articles
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