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RIES Coalition

Voting Rights for Independents in Pennsylvania

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Independent Pennsylvanians =
A volunteer organization seeking to strengthen the power & voting rights of independents

Why? Two-party control of elections doesn't serve us.
How? Public education campaigns and grassroots action.
Who? US!

Join our next statewide Zoom meeting

September 9th at 7 pm

Register Here

Are we divided, or are we being divided?
The two-party system cannot not move us forward, but we the people can.

Visit,  call and write a note card to your legislators to support open primaries!
Get Independent Pennsylvanians note cards here

Published Letter in the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Voting Rights: A Non-Partisan Issue
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YouTube Series! Hear what Independents are talking about...we'll publish videos on a regular basis! SEE THEM HERE & SUBSCRIBE for Updates!

Open Primary bill support & views from independents

Be a guest blogger on our site!

We want to hear from fellow independents
Email Submissions to Jennifer at
Wear your independence!
Now available: Independent Pennsylvanians merchandise.  T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.
PURCHASE on Threadless 
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We want to hear from you!

Sign the Ballot PA Petition!

Give Independents the right to vote in critical elections.
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