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Making a better and fair democracy for ALL in Pennsylvania

We are a non-partisan citizen activist group.  As per many recent inquiries:  We are not affiliated with the publication "The Pennsylvania Independent" published by a n organization called American independent...NO relation whatsoever!

Independent Pennsylvanians is an association of independent and independent-minded voters. Independent Pennsylvanians supports issues and campaigns at the local, state and national level designed to increase the visibility and power of the independent voter—now the fastest growing political force in America.

Independent Pennsylvanians grows out of a 25-year-old effort by independents to develop a non-ideological political movement to reform the two party controlled election process, so ordinary voters can impact on issues of public policy.

See our Bill of Rights  for more information...

Independent Pennsylvanians is affiliated with, a New York City-based non-profit, non-ideological think tank for the independent political movement. Independent Pennsylvanians is also affiliated with dozens of other organizations of independent voters across the country, see the list to the right.

In addition to various activist and outreach projects, independent Pennsylvanians regularly conduct telephone opinion polls with registered independent voters in order to assess the views of independents on controversial reform issues and campaigns.

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