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Take Action!

ALERT: Help Open our Primaries.. Open Primary Petition 



Ways to Help Out

Start making a difference! Sign up now to help out with:


  • Working to open primaries for all independents in PA!

  • Writing letters to local papers and other media (radio, online, etc.)

  • Polling

  • Supporting Actions to move the Independent agenda forward (gathering signatures, hosting events, petitioning, meeting with legislators, letter-writing campaigns)

  • Researching Independent activities across the state and providing us with information that will be useful to other independents around the state


Let us know what you'd like to help with?

Activities include:
  • Support of Open Primary Bills and efforts to open primaries​

  • Community gatherings and political discussion forums

  • Supporting other independent activist activities

  • Letter-writing campaigns (Press and Legislators)

  • Meeting with local legislators and going to town meetings



Fair Districts PA, Stop the Gerrymandering!

Gerrymandered district lines weaken the power of our votes—and politicians are working behind closed doors to keep it that way. We all pay the price. See how you can help!

Allow Popular Initiative and Referendum in PA!

Create a streamlined way to get important legislation on the table via popular referendum (put to vote by the citizens of PA) SIGN THIS PETITION!

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