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Five things you can do NOW!

Tell Your PA Representative to Support Open Primaries


Pennsylvania’s closed primary elections shut out more than one million voters from important elections every year. Tell your reps now to support open primaries here: Representative Communication form here.



Join Now
Join us in the fight for Open Primaries!

We need you! Sign up here and sign up here

On the NEXT Primary Day


take a picture of you holding this sign (click on image to the right to download the print-ready sign) and blast on your social media.  Start a conversation about our voting rights.  Be sure to share with us on our social media:


Click on image to download


Happy Woman
Call your PA House of Representatives legislator and Senator:

Tell them you support open primaries and you would like them to support an open primaries bill so you can vote as a tax-paying citizen.

Write a letter... the editor to your local newspaper highlighting how the primaries in PA bar independent from voting, even though the primaries are publicly funded and are the important first round of voting to decide who will represent all of us. 


Sample Letter:


The pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate many facets of life.  This is an opportunity for us to redesign our systems where there is more freedom, choice, inclusion and safety for all.

Voters have been confronted with what it means to have their ability to vote threatened.  This is felt by independent voters every election season.  I am one of nearly 900,000 independent voters in PA who are barred from voting in the primary, even though the primaries are publicly funded and are most crucial first round of elections that decide who will represent all of us.

As we address this current crisis and ask how we can make voting this election season accessible, safe and accurate, we must also ask “What about those of us who can’t vote at all?”  Join us in the fight for open primaries

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