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Independent Bill of Rights

Independent Pennsylvanians
Bill of Rights


We, Independent Pennsylvanians, in order to form a more perfect Commonwealth, resolve to renew and advance our alliance to strengthen Liberty, Integrity, and Fairness in solidarity and openness towards all citizens. We are conscious of our common achievements and responsibility towards all Pennsylvanians and know that those remain free who use their freedom; Now, therefore, we declare our independence!


Article I

Independents hereby affirm our inalienable rights to choose our political lives and futures. We are united in our commitment to advocating for an open, inclusive, non-partisan political process. We want a restructuring of the political process to revitalize democracy, to make it more energized, to give Pennsylvanians more direct political control over policymaking, over government, over the culture of political life.



Article II

We independents want open primaries; it is the solution to the partisan divide in our political process.  Primaries that are funded with the people’s monies should be completely open.


We independents want a nonpartisan commission rather than the legislature to draw district lines.  Voters once chose their representatives; now representatives choose their voters.


Article III

We independents want Instant Runoff Voting for all state races, so the majority votes their hopes instead of their fears. We support instant runoff voting to end the “spoiler” assertion by major party candidates.


Article IV

We independents want Election Day to be a commonwealth holiday, a holiday to enjoy and focus on the people’s political future.


Article V

We Independents want statewide Initiative and Referendum; it is one of the only tools the voters have to directly impact and create social policy. Citizens should have a say in legislative pay raises, tax increases, bond issues, Constitutional Conventions and Governor Recall. Initiative and Referendum (I&R) is a cornerstone of democracy.


Article VI

We Independents want access to and participation in debates with other candidates in local, state and national elections.  In 2000 and 2004 there were significant independent candidates for president who critiqued American foreign policy. In both of these elections, independent candidates were barred from the presidential debates.


Article VII

We Independents support term limits for PA state representatives and senators.


Article VIII

We Independents want signature requirements, to gain ballot access, to be a standard amount for all parties.


Article IX

We Independents want accuracy and accountability in voter machine/voter count systems.

Refuel Democracy in Pennsylvania! 

Sign up and join us as we work to bring together and empower our independent voices!!!

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