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New year, Old Rules…Until We the People Change Them.

It’s a New Year, but we still have old election rules, regulations and laws. It’s a new year, but deep divisions persist. The horrors of hyper partisanship are yet again flooding all over us.

We want to change the conversation to where we the people have more of a say in how our government represents us. Independent Pennsylvanians is a group of activists and concerned citizens unified by the recognition that the two-party system cannot bring us together. We are united not be ideology but by a commitment to be the change.

Our slogan is People over Parties.

Our mission is to strengthen the influence of independents and independent- minded voters to build a #citizenpower against the two-party stronghold over our elections and political process.

We are non-ideological and diverse. We are always interested in expanding our membership and broad collective of concerned citizens.

We are not working to build an independence party but a movement of influence and hope.

We do not necessarily support independent candidates solely because they are independent, but we support candidates based on their position on election reform.

Welcome all. We are a home to the politically homeless - the 45 % of voters who identify and independent, the over 1 million independent voters in PA plus people of other parties who feel estranged and not represented.

The question we are always working with is: how can we work together to influence how our elections go? From opening closed primaries to gerrymandering to ballot access. Is there an opportunity for independents to assert ourselves given the horrors of partisanship we see over and over?

Only we the people can heal this country, as my colleague with NJ Independents recently stated in the aftermath of what happened on 1/6/21 at the nationals Capital. I believe those of us who are non-partisan have a unique role to play in helping our communities and country move forward, to heal and face each other, united in new ways.

There are inspiring successes across the country that are breaking the two-party control of our elections. These are scary yet opportune times to change our old ways. Let's do that together.

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